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Information Technology and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Possibilities Are Endless!

by Munawar Abadullah

Posted on April 11, 2017

The familiar expression, “We are a victim of our own success” is all-to-often used in a clichéd manner, but in my company’s case, it bears truth. In September 2016, ImpTrax lost a major client. The reason: our work was transformative, and helped lead to the client’s acquisition.

The situation also created an opportunity: The chance to reinvent the company. To come up with a new mission, vision, and a road map for the next twenty years. To build an all-new breed of IT company that not only offers cutting edge technology, but also has contemporary relevance, dignity, and staying power. And most importantly, to build a company that makes a difference in the world.

Part of the reason that I love IT and custom software development is because it makes a big difference in the lives of our clients, and the fruits of our partnership extend out to users who enjoy stronger, more efficient products and services. But we’ve always yearned to do more. One of my passions is corporate social responsibility (CSR), which refers to business practices involving initiatives that benefit society at large. I’ve always wanted to have ImpTrax play a bigger role in this space.

As the world of technology continues to change everyday living, the need for more companies to be active in CSR will increase. For example, consider the rapid development of the autonomous vehicle. As awe-inspiring as it is conceptually, millions of jobs will be eventually be lost. There are things we can do now to pro-actively address this. For example, what if companies like Uber and Lyft were to offer an incentive of giving drivers a share of company stock for every X hours she/he completes. In this way, drivers can potentially benefit long-term from the technology. Or perhaps drivers that complete a certain number of hours can earn credit towards some type of continuing education. Living in a cutting-edge society doesn’t have to come at the expense of excluding others.

As we reimagine and reinvent the ImpTrax brand, we will look to leverage our success/talent in IT and custom software to make a bigger impact on the world of CSR. We will look to donate proceeds from each and every project to causes that benefit society. We will look for like-minded partners to brainstorm ideas to help take care of people and humanity in general. Our solutions will make a difference on a micro level, as our clients are able to deliver higher quality products and services, and on a macro level, as needy global causes receive more attention.

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