Understanding the critical need to help front-line healthcare workers safely care for patients across the globe, and in the face of unprecedented demand for certain medical supplies, we are doing everything we can to manage and maintain supply to help meet that need. This is an evolving situation, and we are working closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to optimize our nationwide network, prioritizing the identified “hotspots” in the U.S.

We are managing manufacturing and distribution of critical inventory for more than 1Million medical products in unprecedented demand. The COVID-19 pandemic is creating industry-wide challenges, including expected delays in inventory replenishment for certain products. We are experiencing backorders and declining inventory levels for certain medical products at rates never experienced before. As a result, customers may experience partial shipments and backorders and, in some instances, products will be out of stock. Local ImpTrax Corporation representatives will continue to keep customers updated on inventory for specific facilities.

With the inventory constraints the industry is experiencing, we know the challenge of resuming procedures is significant. Therefore, as healthcare providers begin to resume procedures, we understand the need for a longer-term view of available supply. In fact, providing our customers with greater supply chain transparency is a core focus of our distribution business strategy.