Individual cathode sheets are manufactured to different dimensions by different suppliers in the range of 0,5 m2 to 1 m2 and 3 to 20 mm thick, with or without ‘ears’. Copper cathode is the primary raw material input for the production of copper rod for the wire and cable industry. Copper is also used in the production of brass, copper tube, copper sheet products, and found in over 450 alloys.
A cathode – a 50 to 80 kg copper square – is produced when pure copper separates from unwrought copper in an electrolytic refining process. These cathodes form the basis for our high-quality copper products.
Copper cathodes are used as a raw material feed for the production of high purity copper and copper alloy products. It is, therefore, essential that, during shipping and transportation, they are not contaminated with any extraneous materials.

ImpTrax has access to Copper Cathode producers and suppliers in different parts of the world.
Mulitple locations in Africa / South Africa
Mulitple locations in Asia
Germany – Hamburg, Lünen
Belgium -Olen
Bulgaria – Pirdop

These cathode brands comply with the cathode standards ASTM B 115, Grade 1, DIN EN 1978 and Cu-KATH-1.
ImpTrax Global works with certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 suppliers.
We can ship Electrolytic copper cathode sheets (grade a) 99.99% to any safe destination in the world.
Bundles of cathode sheets of between 1 and 4 tonnes and held together by steel strapping are shipped unpackaged. We instruct our suppliers to pay extra care during the shipment to avoid straps breaking, which causes the bundles to become unstable with potential separation and loss of some sheets.

We work with suppliers to make sure shipment and cargo do not cause deleterious contamination of the copper.