How ImpTrax is Fighting COVID-19

ImpTrax and our team are standing together to help create certainty in these uncertain times. Here are some of the ways ImpTrax is helping to fight COVID-19.


A Letter from our CEO

Dear ImpTrax Team, Clients and World Community,

Let me begin by commending you for what you are accomplishing during these uncertain and challenging times. ImpTrax management and our team worldwide remain committed to delivering the products and providing services that people value and rely on.  I thank ImpTrax’s team for what you are doing, and this is vital work.

In keeping with our guiding principles, we are doing our utmost to promote the health and safety of our team during the COVID-19 pandemic; and keep delivery services to clients.

Our IT teams have leveraged cloud-based technologies to enable streamlined, secure remote work capabilities. We have also coordinated with our clients to providers to extend services.

You can be proud of the fact that ImpTrax continues to provide essential services and delivering much-needed products worldwide.

ImpTrax’s team and clients are at the heart of our enterprise. Again, thank you all —today and every day. I am proud of your contributions and understanding of our clients during these difficult times.