PPE Products

As communities begin to reopen the economy and allow businesses to open their doors once again, employers will require Personal Protective Equipment and other safety products to meet government requirements. We are here to provide safety and PPE products often hard to come by during the pandemic.

Our chief executive rarely gets involved in the health system’s supply-chain day to day activities. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed that, our executive management team directly overseeing the progress on a daily bases. Protecting our communities is essential so that our talented medical professionals can safely provide compassionate care to the patients.

Our supply-chain group has worked around the clock to secure gowns, gloves, face masks, goggles, face shields, and N95 respirators. These employees have adapted to a new normal, exploring every lead, no matter how unusual.

We will continue to provide extended hour support and services to our clients to meet their critical demands. At the same time, there are overseas suppliers with sizable quantities of PPE, but logistic issues related to quality, payment terms, and air cargo capacity are among the barriers. We are offering our clients customized solutions to meet their criteria and budget.