Munawar Abadullah

20+ years of Executive Management & Information Technology Experience

Munawar Abadullah is CEO and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of ImpTrax. Prior to being named CEO. Munawar served as CIO of RTech Healthcare Revenue, Inc. acquired by Transunion in 2016. His role at ImpTrax is focused on the strategic direction and growth of the company’s next-generation enterprise software, design, and implementation of mission-critical solutions for companies in the financial services and healthcare sectors.

Prior to joining the ImpTrax team, he spent ten years in senior and executive management positions at healthcare-related companies, including, Siemens Healthcare, Bayer Healthcare, and commercial software development enterprises, including EliteSQL, Duncan Macy Technologies and, several successful startups.

As a forward-looking global technologist, Munawar is a thought-leader in offshore resources management, disaster recovery, data-driven applications, legacy system automation, finance and risk management, research and development (R & D), data center architecture, data modeling, technology and software infrastructure development and strategic analysis.

Munawar is a graduate of Columbia Business School, Stanford University, Stanford Business School and Lahore University of Management Services.

His extensive international experience includes offshore resource management, infrastructure development and software integration in Pakistan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, Dubai, and Canada.

Contact :

Tel : + 1 718.650.1444

Email : [email protected]