Steel Scrap

ImpTrax trade scrap steel in a variety of forms, used rail tracks, end-of-life automobiles, appliances and other consumer products; steel out of the demolition of buildings and other structures; and industrial scrap steel.
Our integrated platform enables the delivery of processed metals to steel mills and foundries around the world for new production due to our strategically located suppliers. Continuous capital investments in advanced technologies provide high quality, operationally efficient scrap metal processing.
Our proximity to large industrial suppliers and railways, deep water ports and major highways provides us with strong sources of supply and a competitive advantage to deliver processed scrap metal wherever demand is greatest.
We continually extend our partnerships to maximize cost efficiencies, to deliver the highest quality products and to ensure regulatory and environmental compliance.
Our strategy is focused on enhancing the inherent synergies in our suppliers and with partner steel mill. We expect to continue to grow in MENA region where we have a significant market presence and competitively advantageous port access. We look to grow through joint ventures that provide us additional opportunities for variety of materials.
In addition to processed obsolete grades including shredded, plate and structural, and heavy melt, ImpTrax offers prime industrial scrap.