Achieve IT resiliency with disaster recovery planning

IT infrastructure keeps your business running, arming your employees with the tools and information they need to make quick, informed decisions on a day-to-day level. Downtime whether it’s planned or not seriously impacts your users’ ability to do their jobs.

Many organizations do not invest in a backup or disaster recovery plan. Most of them underestimate the probability of something going wrong and the monetary and reputational costs associated with it. Those that do invest in disaster recovery planning, believe that with a fixed budget and a well-staffed IT department, they’re better off implementing and managing a data recovery program in-house. Unfortunately, businesses often underestimate the cost and resource burden associated with running a full-blown IT recovery program.

ImpTrax offers an effective disaster recovery plan to businesses without the need to invest in and manage your own off-site disaster recovery environment. Our service is especially beneficial to any business that does not have the necessary expertise to provision, configure and test an effective disaster recovery plan in-house.

How ImpTrax can help

We take responsibility for the recovery of your critical data with proven solutions that eliminate the biggest risks in your infrastructure. You shouldn’t have to navigate the ever-changing world of data protection and recovery alone. ImpTrax provides experienced insight and objective analysis of your business continuity needs. We work closely with our clients’ own internal IT staff and management to recommend and implement solutions that ensure data is protected, remains in compliance with regulatory standards and is accessible when it is needed most. ImpTrax will :

  • Conduct a disaster recovery gap analysis
  • Design and implement a suitable disaster recovery plan
  • Regularly test backup systems to ensure data integrity  

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