Are you a healthcare organization losing money at the point of care due to outdated software or inefficient processes? Are you a revenue cycle management company that’s payment is tied to clients’ revenue cycle collections? You earn more if they earn more, and there’s nothing more frustrating than losing money because of inaccurate data entry or unresolved patient collections or bad debt on your clients’ end.  

ImpTrax optimizes your front end services by automating patient access processes–from identity verification to point of service collection. With our help, you won’t have to depend on expensive and time-consuming third-party integrations to streamline front-end processes. We will address all current and future challenges of your healthcare organization and revenue cycle management business with minimal changes to your existing system and staff.

Here are a few modules and system enhancements that we can build in your existing system at a competitive cost and minimal disruption :

Patient Demographic Matching Automation

Improve patient matching accuracy and reduce patient harm caused by health record misidentification.

Did you know?

Statistics show that up to one in five patient records are not accurately matched even within the same healthcare system. As many as half of patient records are mismatched when data is transferred between healthcare systems.

In a healthcare industry transitioning to value-based reimbursement and population health management (PHM), matching patients accurately to their care events across multiple sites of care and sources of information is becoming ever more important. Similarly, as providers find the need to interact with more insurance carriers and provide care in multiple institutional settings, tracking utilization by provider becomes equally problematic.

ImpTrax’s proprietary technology improves the accuracy of matching your patient records to patient records as well as provider records to provider records. You are insulated from needing to know the specific identifiers used by each data set in order to get and link the information you need.

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Automated Real-time Prior Authorization and Eligibility

Streamline the process you use to check patient eligibility and receive prior authorization from payers.

Don’t wait on payer websites or their helpline queues to get the latest patient insurance, benefits or prior authorization policy change updates.

With ImpTrax’s help you will be able to verify insurance eligibility and benefits and also send referrals and prior authorizations to all payers within the provider’s network before delivering services.
Keeping your patients informed of financial responsibilities, remaining compliant and up to date with payer policy changes on prior authorizations while also staying away from dealing with costly, time-consuming claims denials has never been easier.


  • Significantly simplifies administrative processing
  • Reduces unnecessary delays
  • Decrease in claims denials
  • Increase in point-of-service collections
  • Lower accounts receivable costs
  • Fewer costly manual verification calls
  • Improved workflow

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