Balance good patient care with good business

Do you rely on your biller or a third party to reconcile, scrutinize and report payments received from insurance providers and patients for services rendered? Is the turnaround time much more than what you’d like? Why not reduce errors associated with manual data entry by automating the whole payment management process with our help?

With our help your billing software will :

  • Automatically post reimbursement realized from the insurance and patients to the respective patient accounts in the billing system
  • Check for down coded payments, contracted fee-schedule and contractual adjustments
  • Report daily deposits, EFT payments, patient cash receipts and credit card payments


  • Boost staff efficiency. Technology eliminates labor-intensive manual processes, including scanning, data input, and reconciliation–freeing your staff to focus on valuable activities such as collections
  • Reduce errors associated with manual data entry. Our automated process eliminates data errors that can slow the posting process or result in misapplied funds, rework and patient dissatisfaction
  • Streamline workflow. Automation simplifies filing, storing, retrieving and distributing paper documents and electronic data
  • Enhance productivity using sophisticated tools and resources. Payment Management allows your staff to quickly locate information. Using your related applications, we can help you support immediate online billing edits and resubmission as well as easy remittance reconciliation

Simplify your payment processes and speed reimbursement. For more information

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