We identify and close gaps in your revenue cycle

ImpTrax combines technical and operational expertise in healthcare revenue cycle optimization to improve the value and effectiveness of your revenue services, including operational workflow and system enhancement. We have in-depth healthcare revenue cycle application knowledge and understand the importance of accurate, timely data for cash flow management through reporting and analytics.

With our help you will :

  • Collect higher quality patient information
  • Reduce rejected claims
  • Prevent fraud
  • Remain compliant
  • Reduce the cost to collect

How do we work?

Our Revenue Cycle Optimization services look beyond your billing office to locate gaps in your strategic, operational or technological processes and infrastructure. This helps us develop a complete picture of your organization’s financial performance and failings. But more importantly, we’re able to design strategies and solutions that improve performance while preserving your organization’s mission, vision and strategic initiatives.

Our engagement with you usually involves one or all of the below activities :

  • Improved patient access services through a redesign of your  patient registration and insurance eligibility and verification services
  • Optimization of  charge services processes
  • Clinical documentation review and redesign
  • Recovery audit contractor (RAC) and 3rd-party audit redesign
  • Denial management and claim follow up redesign
  • Develop cash acceleration projects

Why Choose Us?

We’ve done it before and we’ve done it well

We apply years of lessons learned to help you succeed. Many of us have held leadership positions in healthcare organizations and understand the challenges you face. We are uniquely positioned to apply both business understanding and technical knowledge to your situation.

See how ImpTrax helped RTech Healthcare Revenue Technologies, Inc reach its potential

We work in the trenches with You

We work shoulder to shoulder to get the job done. Your organization is unique. Your strategy and tactics should be, too. We first understand how your organization works, where the biggest challenges to achieving your goals are and how to address them.

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